Gary Anaka

Gary Anaka is a Brain-based teaching facilitator. He is a Learning Assistance specialist, a motivational educator, and author of two books. He has been presenting keynotes and workshops in the exciting new field of Neuroscientific research since 1997 to tens of thousands of professionals and the general public. Topic Your Brain on the Job. A safe work and home environment starts with you and the most valuable thing that you own – your brain. Mistakes and accidents happen when your brain is downshifted. To maintain productivity and ensure success, there is a need to be resilient. Discover how to keep your brain fit and to upshift your brain to overcome the fight, flight or freeze response to stay alert and focused while working.

Bob Gray

Bob Gray, now a motivational keynote speaker and memory expert, discovered his first memory technique when he was seven. He was given a magic book that showed him how to remember a twenty-item list. Shortly thereafter he was called on to ‘do the memory trick’ at family parties and gatherings. Funny, unique and interactive in his entertaining keynotes and workshops, Bob reveals the untapped potential in each of us. His empowering systems and their many applications in the business world give participant’s immediate ‘walk away’ value.