Mary-Ann Chartrand of Top Safety SpeakersVision

To be the preferred global resource for organizations where health and safety are paramount and inspired empowered leadership is the goal.


To foster vibrant and healthy safety cultures. We provide services that bring hope and inspiration by linking clients with the perfect speaker to educate, entertain, inspire, and ignite the fires of positive growth.

Who Are We

Mary Ann lives in Summerland, British Columbia, Canada. The passion she has for connecting with and inspiring those in her community overflows into her work. She loves good wine, bad jokes, and taking guests out on her sailboat to capture the sunset

What Drives Us

  • Seeing others experience joy
  • Living a full and dynamic life
  • Hearing client feedback
  • The knowledge that her work is making a difference to many
  • Seeing ‘light bulbs go on’ for audience members during one of her keynote’s presentations or workshops
  • Meeting her clients in person
  • The strong belief that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

What Makes Us Smile

  • Family – Mary Ann has a husband and two adult daughters
  • Memories of building a successful business that ran for 7 years when her daughters were young
  • Providing funding for families in dire need
  • The group of teenage girls Mary Ann is a youth leader and mentor for

Mary Ann is proud of her 20+ years as an inspirational leader. Her past work with special needs youth and young offenders helped to form the person she is today and how she chooses to lead the Spellbinders team. Learning, inspiring others, doing her part in building a world where there is hope and joy, and taking the time each day to focus on gratitude: are all important to Mary Ann as she leans into her future with purpose and intention.

What Makes Top Safety Speakers Different

  • Available 24/7
  • Attend events in person
  • We bring a knowledge & expertise to our clients events with our wide range of safety speakers
  • Customized selections to ensure an excellent speaker/client match

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