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Top Safety Speakers fosters vibrant & healthy safety cultures and connects you with a range of safety speakers world-wide. We provide our clients with the perfect speaker to educate, entertain, inspire, and ignite the fires of positive growth, safety culture & knowledge.

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Sylvia Marusyk

Occupational therapist Sylvia Marusyk is an entertaining speaker who gives her audiences the tools to build healthy lives and work places.  She’s fun, she’s sassy and she’s passionate about safety, health and wellness! Stressed employees make more mistakes, take more time off work and are less safe on the job due to preoccupation, poor judgment and fatigue. Recognizing we are a mind-body, not a mind and a body, has helped her educate people on truly effective ways to change their health. Sylvia!’s presentations invite audiences to laugh while learning practical, powerful tools to handle stress, reduce repetitive strain injuries and prevent burn out.

Speaker Expertise
Stress Management/Wellness


Curtis Weber

These custom and tailored Keynote Presentations detail how a tragic, life changing and near fatal injury turned one man’s experience toward passion and purpose. These Keynotes can include an inspirational approach to overcoming life challenges to improving safety in the workplace while providing the practical tools to needed to implement a successful risk management process. Each Keynote closes with the emotional journey to a full recovery, one filled with hope, and the future. Curtis will leave all in attendance inspired to make changes to the way they perceive safety and above all how to overcome life’s challenges.


Speaker Expertise
Injured in the Workplace, Inspiration/Motivation, Safety Leadership

Jay Allen, Ph.D.

Jay Allen, Ph.D. is a seasoned Corporate Safety Executive with 20+ years of operational leadership and policy experience in the transportation, retail and logistics spheres. His analyses can reinvigorate service efficiency as well as create process automation and implementing best practices, so the integrity of the system is continuously strengthened. Dr. Allen is the Creator and Chief Safety Officer of Safety FM, an organization that is changing the way people look at safety one broadcast and one podcast at time.


Speaker Expertise
Accountability, Change Management, Communication, Employee Engagement, Resiliency/Change, Safety Culture, Safety Leadership

About Us

Impacting, Inspiring & Empowering for Over 20 Years

Top Safety Speakers represents a network of highly skilled and experienced health and safety experts from across North America who share one common purpose; to make workplaces safer.

 Mary Ann Chartrand and her team have been inspiring safety audiences and workplaces with their speakers for more than 2 decades. They understand the pressure organizations are under to reduce the frequency and severity rates of workplace incidents.

Take advantage of Top Safety Speakers expertise, they remove the risk and pressure of finding the perfect speaker who can customize their messaging to improve and strengthen your safety culture. They attend the conferences, get to know the speakers and ensure they are committed to your safety success. Let their expertise work for you and the bonus is that there is no charge for their services.

Together … we know safety.

Mary Ann has operated Spellbinders Speakers Group for 20 years and through her speakers she has inspired thousands of people. She passionately describes her job as  “The best in the world. I get to hear stories of amazing resilience, strength, leadership, survival and hope and share those stories with others!”

Mary Ann Chartrand

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Available 24/7, Top Safety Speakers offers a range of Safety & Motivational Speakers for any event and we provide knowledge & expertise for our clients events with customized selections to ensure an excellent speaker/client match.

What are the benefits of using a speakers bureau?

Working with a speakers bureau to secure talent for your events ensures that booking speakers, programs and entertainment for your event is the easiest part of your planning process. From developing creative programming ideas to securing the speaker to managing contracts to arranging logistics and travel plans, our experienced staff will be there with you at every step in the process.

Working with a speakers bureau like Top Safety Speakers offers the benefits associated with the close relationships we have developed with our speakers over the years; most of whom we have seen speak. In addition to the experience gained through our 15 years in business, we’re flexible, so we are always prepared to handle any unforeseen situation that may arise at any point during the process. We can be reached 24 hours a day if there is need. Ultimately, we work hard to help ensure that your event is a great success!

Does it cost more to book a speaker when using a speakers bureau?

No, the speakers bureau is paid by the speaker, not the client. As a leading speakers bureau (not a booking agency), we actually know our speakers personally. This means that we know each speaker’s preferences and the factors that influence them to be more flexible in their fee requirements. These factors include type of organization, audience or event, the location of the event, and promotional opportunities for book sales, just to name a few. And, as we work with speakers on a daily basis, we are able to help you save on travel by tying into existing travel plans. Check out our tie-in list for opportunities in your area.

If I don’t see a speaker listed on your website, can you still book them for my event?

Of course. Besides the speakers on our website, our network consists of thousands more! We have access to speakers from across the globe, and we have the ability to secure other speakers bureaus’ exclusive speakers on behalf of our clients. If you are interested in a speaker not listed on our website, please contact us or call at 250-494-0445 and we will tap into our global network to contact them for you.

What if my speaker has to cancel because of an emergency?

At Top Safety Speakers we are pleased to boast an extremely low cancellation rate among our speakers. When the occasional cancellation does occur, it is generally attributed to something that is out of both Top Safety Speakers and the speaker’s control – such as a sudden emergency or unforeseen circumstance. Otherwise, we have a thorough process in place when planning speaking engagements that ensures accordance with our speakers’ schedules to prevent any hiccups or cancellations.

In the highly unlikely case that an emergency does arise and a speaker must cancel, we will work with you to find an appropriate replacement. Our worldwide network of speakers offers countless options in the case of an emergency, and our 24/7 staff is more than ready to handle any last minute complications.