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How We Work

Top Safety Speakers works for you the client. Through a consulting process, we will work with clients to gain a clear understanding of their needs, focus, objectives and goals for their safety conference.

We believe that this is a necessary step since identifying a speaker for a particular event takes time and expertise.

Ours is not a company that will throw a few names at our customers and hope that they take one, but in fact, we will work with our customers to put together recommendations for review. We are a solutions-based company working for you. Our goal is to provide speakers and trainers that exceed your expectations!

Although we believe that we represent some of the best keynote speakers, trainers and facilitators in North America, sometimes an organization is looking for a celebrity name from the media, politics or even show business. We can help our customers here as well.

We are in contact many celebrities, and if we haven’t yet spoken to the celebrity of your choice, we can find them. We are a solutions-based company working for you.

Fees & Process

We are a boutique speakers management company.

Since we develop partnerships with our speakers, we work within the fee structure already developed. There are no “add-on” fees.

Our mandate is to provide our customers with consulting services to find solutions, handle the paperwork and allow our speakers the time to focus on what they do best; creating top-notch presentations and delivering their programs with the professionalism and fervor which you the, customer, deserve.

Our process gives you, the customer, the advantage of one, creative, professional point of contact with a company that already has a contract process in place.

We’ve worked with many organizations and we understand the complexities of each organization. We help take the guesswork out of contracts, forms and invoices. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy our process really is. After all, you want more time to do the work you need to do, not try to make sense out of mountains of paperwork. Our philosophy is simple; spell it out in plain English and keep it all above-board.

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