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Allan Kehler

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Mental Wellness, Stress Management/Wellness

Allan Kehler is a highly sought-after keynote speaker who empowers his audience to live opposed to merely exist. As a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), he has conducted hundreds of presentations while gaining national attention for his engaging style and captivating approach. Allan’s talks include the following topics.

Allan spent a significant amount of his life persevering through mental health issues and addictions. On the outside, people saw the man who was president of his school, athlete of the year, and national scholarship winner. However, on the inside was a man who was in pain. A university professor saw beneath the mask, and changed Allan’s life through a simple process. Allan shares this approach in his message, and reassures his audience that nobody needs to be fixed. Rather, the value of being seen and heard is immeasurable. Allan’s personal and professional experiences have taught him valuable life lessons that have guided him on a path of success. His commitment and understandings to the lifelong process of truly living enables Allan to equip audiences with invaluable tools.

Allan has spent years working as an addictions counsellor, clinical case manager, and instructor at several colleges. His writing has been published in many national magazines, and his books can be found in treatment centers, classrooms, and workplaces across Canada. Allan has been featured on several television and radio programs, and various print media including newspapers and magazines.

Allan currently lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with his beautiful wife, four boys, two dogs, and cat ‘Hank the Tank’. His genuine appreciation and passion for the First Nations culture has led to his current position as an instructor for the Mental Health & Wellness program at the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies.

Presentation Description & Topics

Managing Stress, Mental Illness, and Substance Abuse in the Workplace

* Available as workshop (workbook included)

Stress and personal challenges can be detrimental to a workplace environment. When an individual is struggling, it affects their mood, productivity and work attendance. This, in turn, affects the workplace as a whole by creating stress and tension between co-workers, and lowering overall team morale.

Our voice is our greatest tool, but where is the incentive to disclose personal challenges if one fears that they will be met with judgment? No individual needs to be fixed, but the value of being seen and heard is immeasurable. Having the tools to respond and proactively address these situations when they arise is essential, and the positive ripple effect can be seen in the workplace as a whole.

Communication and the ability to be proactive is key. The workplace needs to be a positive place, where employees can perform at their highest ability without the negative impact of a stressful environment. Do you feel that you have the ability to effectively recognize when an employee or co-worker is experiencing personal hardships? Do you feel you have the tools to approach someone who is displaying signs of stress?

Allan’s captivating message brings people out from the shadows and into the light. He challenges individuals to take an honest look at what lies beneath their pain, and provides the tools to persevere through personal hardships, knowing there is light on the other side. Allan motivates individuals to take responsibility for their own journey, and empowers people to live opposed to merely exist.

The workplace can be a safe and supportive environment, conducive to helping each individual recognize his or her own importance, without affecting others in a negative way. Happy and healthy employees who are willing to take on new challenges will lead to a productive and thriving work environment.

Goodbye Stress, Hello Life. This is YOUR Journey!

* Available as keynote or workshop

We live in a fast-paced society with a seemingly endless list of demands. Countless individuals struggle to find a balance between work and their personal lives. For many people, work has been reported to be their main source of stress. High levels of stress affect an individual’s mood, productivity and work attendance. This, in turn, affects the workplace as a whole by creating stress and tension between co-workers, and lowering overall team morale.

Life will naturally bring us challenges and stress – the key is moving forward so that it doesn’t impact other areas of our lives. Allan challenges individuals to regain control of self while detaching from unhealthy behaviours. He inspires individuals to really live, and to move beyond merely existing. The workplace can be transformed into a healthy, supportive, and safe environment that encourages individuals to acknowledge their challenges, and move forward in a healthy way.

Drawing from personal and professional experiences, Allan provides direction that inspires individuals to persevere through their personal challenges rather than avoid or escape them. He challenges people to take an honest look at what lies beneath their pain, and provides the tools to heal through a holistic approach. This is YOUR journey and Allan empowers you return to the journey that they were meant to lead.

 Smiling on the Outside, Crying on the Inside… Where Do I Turn?

* Available as keynote or workshop

Countless people are in pain, and many of these individuals are unsure how to manage their pain. As a result, some turn to substance abuse, self-injurious behaviours and even suicide. These individuals mask their emotions while they suffer in silence. A smile can appear on the outside while they are crying on the inside. For years this was Allan.

Allan clearly explains the reasons that drive individuals to act on these destructive behaviours in the first place. He shares both personal and professional experiences around the issues of mental illness and addictions. However, rather than just speaking about mental illness, Allan discusses mental wellness. Instead of simply addressing addictions, he provides people with tools to live. He identifies key signs, and provides a proactive approach to address these sensitive issues in the workplace.

Allan believes that the workplace can be transformed into an environment free from judgment where stigma is replaced with compassion. In turn, this can decrease the number of accidents, and lead to enhanced productivity, less turnover, and heightened team morale.