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Carla Rieger

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Change Management, Communication, Leadership

Carla Rieger  is an expert on creative people solutions. She is the director of The Artistry of Change a communications consulting firm since 1991. She has written four books and spoken internationally for the last 20 years on this topic. In addition, she has over 10 years experience in the performing arts, specifically comedy. As a frequent speaker and trainer before a wide variety of associations, companies and organizations, Carla helps them build bridges with the key people in their lives. Presentation titles include- The Art of Communication: How to Turn Differences into Collaborative Solutions, Change It Up: How to Avoid the Top 4 Mistakes Change Leaders Make, The Power of Laughter: Managing Change with a Sense of Humor, Taking Creative Risks: How to Present Innovative Ideas to Decision Makers, Speaking on the Funny Side of the Brain.

Presentation Description & Topics

The Art of Communication

  • How to Turn Differences into Collaborative Solutions
  • Conflict is an element like fire: too much causes damages; too little and no transformation can occur.

Costly communication breakdowns often happen between people because of simple-to-solve issues. If not dealt with you can lose productivity, income, well being, customers and employee engagement. Diversity of opinions between people can lead to decisions that are wiser and more sustainable. This program covers the top habits of those who turn differences into solutions. During this engaging and interactive presentation you will discover how to:

  • practice 3 habits that prevent communication breakdowns
  • communicate your needs without causing defensiveness
  • switch from an unhealthy tension to a healthy discussion
  • have touchy conversations that lead to positive outcomes
  • win back trust and create goodwill where it was lost

Change it Up

How to Avoid the Top 4 Mistakes Change Leaders Make “The ability to creatively handle constant change will be the most sought after skill in the 21st Century.” – Alvin Toffler, Futurist Looking at the common mistakes of change leaders is a great entry into this topic because people often only achieve success through its opposite–failure. With all the changes happening in the economy, the demographics and the industry, leaders and self starters who know how to:

  • see change coming before it pulls them under
  • re-strategize to meet changing needs
  • get buy in from their stakeholders
  • move through awkward transitions with strength and vision

are the ones who will thrive. This is a high energy, entertaining and practical program for anyone who wants to help their business, company, or organization stay resilient in a world of constant change.

The Power of Laughter

Managing Change with a Sense of Humor “At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.” – Jean Houston
Is your working environment too serious? Has overwhelming change made the Grump-O-Meter go up? Constructive fun at work contributes to employee engagement, customer loyalty and improved productivity. It activates your ability to successfully navigate the white water of constant change. During this practical, entertaining and inspiring presentation, your group will discover how fun can:

  • build rapport
  • manage stress
  • improve innovative thinking
  • increase energy and productivity
  • enhance daily enjoyment of work
  • make your workplace more attractive to top employees

Taking Creative Risks

How to Present Innovative Ideas to Decision Makers. Are you afraid of the people who roll their eyes or slam every new idea? If your workplace is ‘change challenged’ or addicted to franticness, it can be tricky to shift that. Of course, all new ideas need what Edward DeBono calls “black hat thinking” or a discerning eye to make sure it makes sense. However, most people employ “black hat thinking” far too early in the process, leaving brilliant ideas on the cutting room floor. If you’ve ever tried to initiative a new approach to something and it failed, probably one of these mistakes happened. You were:

  1. Not paying attention to intention
  2. Starting with something too complicated or risky
  3. Giving no prior warning or purpose for the idea
  4. Being too vague or conceptual
  5. Starting but not finishing
  6. Giving up too quickly

During this interactive, energizing and fun program you will discover tips for preventing these problems from occurring, and ensuring the good ideas get a chance to make a difference in your organization.

Speaking on the Funny Side of the Brain

“Blessed are those who can make people laugh, for they shall never be without an audience.”
Here is a unique approach to unlocking your comic genius. If you want to stand out from your competition as a business communicator, you need to make people smile from time to time. Contrary to popular belief, being a more light-hearted presenter is a skill that CAN be taught. Discover how to tap into the funny side of your brain to:

  • build rapport with your listeners
  • open people’s minds to new ideas
  • turn dry concepts into engaging stories
  • make your message more memorable

Hear what others have to say

The content you presented was very thought provoking and relevant for us. The attendees told me they particularly appreciated your presenting style because it was entertaining, practical and involved the audience in such an engaging way. – Heather Warrenchuk, National Managers’ Leadership Forum 

The consensus from all was extremely positive – your content, style and presentation…very well received. I am happy to act as a reference anytime for future prospects. – Brian Kim, Atkinson and Terry

Thank you for showing us how to be more proactive than reactive. I have been using all of the new habits you suggested. They really work!  –  Lucia Lau, VanCity Credit Union

I just wanted to thank you for a most professional and well executed series of keynotes across the country. Feedback on your presentations in particular have been superb and have shown to be of great value to our attendees in working with their teams and in their lives in general.  – John Lutrin, Executive V.P., HUB Financial Inc.

This has been a life changer for me! There is huge value in your simple yet powerful tools. They have changed everything for me and have been a life saver. – Sean McConnell, McConnell Risk Management