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Charlie Morecraft

Speaker Expertise
Injured in the Workplace, Inspiration/Motivation

Nothing Could Go Wrong. Except this one time...Charlie had more than 15 years experience on the job, and he knew it well. He knew all the rules. He knew all the safety regulations and he knew all the shortcuts around them too. Charlie was certain that nothing could go wrong. And he was right except for this one time...In 1980, shortcuts nearly cost him his life when a routine job turned tragic. Burned over 50% of his body, Charlie spent five years in the hospital. His family fell apart. He lost everything. "All for what?" is the question he continues to ask himself, and you, today. Charlie, a dynamic speaker who touches an audience through his autobiographical story, emphasizes taking responsibility for one's actions and one's safety. Standard training meetings, videos and seminars demonstrate how to follow safety procedures. Charlie Morecraft tells you why you should.

Presentation Description & Topics

Live Presentation

Dramatically changing people’s attitudes

Both he and his story are unforgettable. His words are simple, and he tells us things we think we already know, but he tells it in a way that will dramatically change our attitudes toward safety forever.

International Safety Expert

Moving audiences to new levels of awareness

When Charlie tells his story the audience sits in rapt attention as they are moved to new levels of awareness. Charlie has that rare and unique ability to speak with ordinary words and conjure extraordinary images.

His primary messages are “Safety is about going home at the end of the day, kissing your wife and hugging your kids”, and “We are each responsible for our own safety”. They aren’t new messages, but Charlie gives us a powerful new way of looking at them.

Charlie’s message reaches and touches people at all levels in an organization from blue collar workers to the CEO and President. It is an universal message. And because each presentation with a question and answer interaction with the audience.

Remember Charlie

The audience will be at the edge of their seats!

Not just a title but a call to action, Remember Charlie captures the audience with a common language (“Accidents don’t happen to me. Accidents happen to someone else”). A motivating storyteller, Charlie Morecraft recreates his near-fatal accident in engaging detail.

With the audience on the edge of their seats, Charlie drives home the importance of following safety procedures. Everyone wakes up to the high cost of an accident, not only to themselves but to their families. Seldom are people confronted by real consequences of an abuse in safety practices. If you and your employees “Remember Charlie”, you will remember to follow safety procedures.

Safety Everyone’s Responsibility

A Highly Motivational Follow Up!

Once you’ve seen Charlie, you will ask him to return. Safety – Everyone’s Responsibility is the powerful follow-up to Remember Charlie. This presentation highly motivates workers and management to work as a team and not as adversaries, ultimately creating a safer work environment. Charlie defines the real working heroes – the ones who follow safety procedures. Through his dynamic presence, Charlie motivates audience members to take responsibility for their own actions and their own safety, because what we do affects the lives of everyone around us.

Hear what others have to say

“Where do I begin to describe the influence Charlie has had on my career, everyday practices, and my attitude? Safety during my career started when I was in the Navy. I was the Safety Petty Officer for my Division. After completing my enlistment, I was on my tools as a Journeyman participating on safety committees. During all of this time, I was pretty stubborn about safety in my personal life. For the past 15 years I have worked as a Safety Professional in three very different employment environments. During the first year I was exposed to Charlie’s message. Charlie provides a way to make safety matter – to even us once stubborn ones. I have relied on Charlie’s approach to safety in my daily challenges to convince employees, and sometimes Management, to identify risks and to avoid shortcuts. Sure, considering cost, schedule and injury statistics are all part of a successful business approach. But families trump all of that. After people experience Charlie’s message they are willing to change old habits and more importantly – speak up to keep others safe, where ever they are. For me, Charlie has provided an inspirational motivation for safety. Motive for employees to create a safety culture that is without compromise. Motive for Management to expect and support such a culture. Motive for Safety Professionals to continually be motivated while consistently improving a culture of safety. Motive for all of us to speak up at work or away from work about safety. I have heard Safety Professionals compared to someone with deep religious convictions. Both of them typically base their daily activities and approach to life itself, as a disciple of their religion. My coworkers, friends and family will tell you, I am a Disciple of Charlie.” – Steve Workman, San Diego Sheriff

“As a Police Officer and Paramedic I always took safety seriously. Then I had the opportunity to watch “Remember Charlie” when I became a fuel hauler. The film was required viewing in order to receive your loading card at the Chevron Refinery in Pascagoula Ms. From the very first moment after hearing Charlies testimony I took an introspective look at myself and decided right then that I wanted a carrier in safety to spread the message that we ALL needed to come home safely every time. No Speech, No film, No academy I attended ever drove the point home to me as did watching Charlie’s film and hearing his testimony. That was in the very early 2000’s. Thank You Charlie, I now speak about you often in my training classes. God Speed!” – Bill Benton, Manning Trucking

“Absolutely the best safety speaker I’ve ever heard! He has really driven the importance of everyday safety practices and the effects of making the wrong safety choices… My Sailors will never forget the day they heard Charlie speak. Thanks Charlie!” – Manny Perez, United States Navy