Darren Lang

Darren Lang

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Health & Wellness, Mental Wellness

Darren has worked as a human resources consultant and trainer for over 28 years. 17 years ago he left his corporate job to join his wife Darci in their training company and help raise their two children Jayda and John. It was during this time that Darren received the biggest wake-up call of his life. The stress of running a business, raising small children and travelling started to take its toll.  After several months of doing nothing about it, he began to lose his zest for life and found himself in a deep rut. In this session, you will hear the story of how he broke out of his rut and began to rebound from the big stress-related issues he was dealing with. Throughout his career Darren has shared his stress-busting tools with thousands, helping them to think and feel their very best.

Presentation Description & Topics

Is Your Group Stressed?

Tired of working with a stressed team? Is your group dealing with burn-out, apathy and absenteeism? You are not alone. Stress can have a huge impact on your team, resulting in poor decision making, lacklustre performance and unsafe practices. In this inspirational session, Darren shares his own journey with stress and the tools that brought him back to feeling his best. Your group will hear many fun and heartfelt stories that will inspire them to take action and begin…

Catching the Up-spiral

(Tools to improve psychological safety)

These days, the frantic pace of our personal and professional lives has got stress levels soaring. This intense stress actually starts to deplete us. It affects our ability to deal with and rebound from stress, getting many of us caught in a stress spiral and leading to unfocused team members and unsafe practices.

Your group will learn tools and techniques to help them get a handle on stress and feel happier, safer and more productive at home and on the job.

“Funny, inspiring and real…Awesome!” – Manitoba Human Resource Managers’ Association Conference

“Best session I have ever seen on managing stress.” – Saskatoon Health Region

Your group will learn…

  • To identify when their stress switch gets flipped and how to manage it.
  • How to become more stress-resistant and less susceptible to big stress-related issues.
  • Tools to reduce or even avoid getting stressed in any situation.
  • How to take control of their stress and mood by learning to respond rather than react.
  • To manage stress and avoid getting caught in a “stress spiral” of fatigue, anxiety and even depression.
  • How to boost their body’s “good mood fluid” to think and feel their best.


  • Team members are easier to work with, make better decisions and are more safe and productive
  • Employees feel happier and less stressed at work and at home; having a positive impact on their most important relationships
  • Companies experience less casual sick leave, stress leave and turnover
  • All this improves your employees’ quality of life and your work environment, positively impacting your bottom line. (one employee on stress leave costs a company more than $30,000/year)

“I had no idea how this effects people. Everyone needs this information.” – Canadian Cancer Society

“Very funny and the personal stories you shared made the presentation.” – SaskPower


Darren has a Business Admin. degree and an MBA. Over the past 21 years, he has worked with several different companies designing and conducting training sessions. Over the past eight years, Darren and his wife, Darci, have operated their own corporate speaking and training company, XL Enterprises. Throughout his career, Darren has helped thousands take control of their stress and become calmer and more productive. 97% to 100% of past clients said they would like to hear Darren speak again.

Session options:

One hour keynotes and two to four hour workshops are available.

Hear what others have to say

“This was an amazing session! Great presenter! Very engaging & dynamic! Very Honest! Gave great info and tools to help!” – University of Regina

“Great presentation! I had never considered the psychological side of safety.” – Sask. Industrial Safety Seminar

“Inspiring session! Darren, I could see myself in so many of your stories. Thank you so much for your honest, open sharing.” –Prince Albert Parkland Health Region

“Awesome. I learned some real tools to deal with stress. Not “pie in the sky” stuff at all!” – Regina Public Schools

“Excellent! I really appreciated you sharing so many of your own personal stories. It really helped me apply your ideas to my own life.” – Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) Conference

“You took a complicated issue and made it easy to understand. The Down Spiral makes a lot of sense, I get it now.” –Saskatchewan Rivers School Division

“A testament to this being a topical issue but more importantly to Darren’s reputation in understanding stress and having credibility in presenting was the turn out that we had for his session. We had approximately 110 of our members attend this session which was a record high for us since I have been a Board Member. The feed- back that we received from our members was awesome – all requesting that Darren speak again and for a longer period of time.” – Sask. Association of Human Resource Professionals (SAHRP)

“This presentation was excellent. The content was real and down to earth and Darren was very entertaining and extremely knowledgeable.” – ERBA

“Darren did his homework. He understood our group and the specific stressors we deal with in our jobs.” –

Regina Catholic Schools

“Fantastic session. The stress spiral information really helped me understand how stress impacts both our mind and body and what I can do about it.” – SaskPower

“Understanding how stress can lead to bigger problems helped me to understand what I am going through. I wish I would have heard this session two years ago.” – Canadian Safety Association

“I have known I needed to do something about my stress levels for a long time. Darren, you gave me the information and motivation to take action. Thank you!” – Social Services Saskatchewan