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Doug Sterbenz

Speaker Expertise
Safety Leadership

Doug is a speaker who has been the leader and has actually done it! He lights up the room and opens minds with credible and tested key leadership principles and beliefs that are too often forgotten yet firmly grounded. Doug has serious street credibility from the shop floor to the executive suite – having worked as a shift supervisor to chief operating officer of a Fortune 1000 company. Doug is an executive that can really connect to your audiences. He will captivate, teach and inspire your team so your organization will get the results you desire.

Presentation Description & Topics

Leaders Must be Present to Win

Just like the rules for your local raffle fundraiser, where participants must be present to win, Leaders Must be Present to WinTM with those they lead. What does it mean to be “present” and why don’t we do it more often? Are your leaders spending too much time on their individual “in-basket” and passing up much higher value opportunities to lead?

Are your leaders truly Present to Win with those they lead?

The Secret Ingredient to Safety Excellence

Most company safety programs are average. Some of them even fail. And a few really excel. The ones that excel always have a secret element. All safety programs are made or lost over this one secret ingredient – and it is one element most overlooked by leadership. Doug reveals the secret to an excellent safety program and shows how your employees will never forget it.

The Ink Spot

Doug tells the story of an ink pen leaving a nasty ink spot on his new white shirt in an important business meeting, and how he used the name tag to cover up his embarrassment. Everyone can relate to the funny and entertaining story. Doug then uses the story to examine how leaders have concerns that hold them back. We all like to hide our flaws so our followers won’t see them, but our followers almost always know. Who are we fooling? All leaders have embarrassments. We are not perfect.

Doug helps aspiring leaders find and solve their own ink spots, their limitations.

Parents not Babysitters

Most parents have hired a babysitter — and there is never any confusion about the very different roles and responsibilities of parents and babysitters. Yet, is your leadership team acting as babysitters (just doing the work without regard to long-term results) or acting as parents (investing in the future, showing ownership over the outcomes, being fiercely loyal and supporting of the business goals)? Presenting the difference in a way everyone can understand, Doug challenges leadership teams to step up to the role of parents in driving real growth.

Disagree Privately

All leaders think they act with a high level of integrity – right? When it comes to leading, supervising and managing, integrity takes on a meaning that many people don’t think about. In fact, many leaders violate a simple law of integrity often and don’t know it. Doug has developed his model called, “A Manager’s Integrity” critical for leaders who want to implement great initiatives and lead change positively.  Doug shows through story, actual example and role play what has derailed the careers of many aspiring leaders and company change efforts.

Hear what others have to say

Doug’s Keynote address really made a large impact and his message helped get the conference kicked off in the right direction. Doug’s delivery and message was excellent – people internalized every word he said.  Personally, I have now found myself making decisions everyday based on Doug’s question. – Bill Konefes, Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP


I was captivated by Doug from the moment he stepped on the stage. He was full of energy, captivating, and confident. He has so much knowledge to share with others. He offers key leadership principles.  He got my mind turning and kept me captivated the entire time.”  – Chad Hymas, CPAE, Owner, Chad Hymas Communications, Inc.


Doug served as the keynote speaker at the OSHA VPP Region VII awards luncheon.  In my humble opinion, he is the best speaker we’ve ever had. – John Izzolena, Former Treasurer, Region VII VPPPA


Doug’s motivational presentations to a very large work force changed both the dynamics and the culture of the organization. Doug is an excellent speaker, with a unique ability to connect with any audience of any size and be able to energize the room with his concepts and business models. I would highly recommend Doug if you wish to accelerate your organization to the next level of performance. – Joe Edwards, President, The Leadership Forum


Doug’s message was brilliant. He also commented on the need to be better listeners, especially to those that seem to be the least qualified to have the answer. They will cause you to look at the problem differently. Thanks Doug! – Clinton Robinson, Director of Community Affairs, Black & Veatch