John Drebinger

Speaker Expertise

John Drebinger Jr., acclaimed international safety speaker and author has been delivering his dynamic safety presentations worldwide for the past 27 years and is known for injecting humor and passion to engage audiences to help people work safely. John has a Bachelors Degree in speech, and is a Certified Hypnotherapist. A member of the National Speakers Association he has achieved their highest earned designation, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional). John is also a member of the famous Hollywood Magic Castle. He is an Eagle Scout and has been an active member of the Boys Scouts for over 50 years.

Presentation Description & Topics

Would You Watch Out For My Safety?®-The Power Behind Safety Motivation

In a fun and engaging magical message, International Safety Speaker John Drebinger will help you celebrate your safety successes and show you how to help your people be their brother’s keeper in a positive and comfortable way. John gives people the “why” and “how” of working safely and the benefits of bringing that same safety mindset home with them. He shares how to help people take personal responsibility for their own safety and provides proven techniques to make people feel empowered to approach others in a safe and comfortable way, when conveying their safety concerns. Leave this conference with a new vision, passion and energy to help others work safely and build a stronger safety culture that prevent injuries!

Attendees will:

  • Be motivated to empower their employees to care about each other’s safety;
  • Learn five reasons people “want to” watch out for the safety of others;
  • Discover three reasons people choose not to watch out for others;
  • Use two special techniques for comfortably sharing safety with others;
  • Respond appropriately when someone watches out for their safety;
  • Never feel regret knowing they could have prevented an injury;
  • Appreciate the safety department as a resource for their safety success; and

Take home a copy of John’s book, “Would You Watch Out for My Safety? ™” (To reinforce the techniques John teaches in his presentation each audience member must receive a copy of his book at a bulk discount price).