John Kowalski

Speaker Expertise
Safety Performance Training

John F Kowalski is the owner and president of Safety Performance, LLC. He is an accomplished Safety and Human Performance Professional with over 40 years of diverse experience in safety and human performance including training personnel using proven techniques of learning.

Specializing in supporting organizational effectiveness improvement in areas including industrial safety, human performance, cultural change, and causal analysis. A major strength offered is the deep experience and subsequent results gained over years of working with experts in human performance and safety culture while providing products and services to various companies and utilities.

John is a deeply experienced individual with a large amount of public speaking under his belt.  He provides interesting messages, mixing in humour at appropriate times.  He works very hard to keep his audience engaged, often seeking input from attendees to keep a good learning/interesting environment.

Typical focus is identifying simple, yet effective solutions using previous performance shortfalls and available operating experience, to gain acceptance of the need for improvement. He had provided safety assessments to improve culture and trained thousands of people in Safety, Human and Organizational Behaviors.

Presentation Description & Topics

A Systematic Approach to Safety Performance

The presentation provides a systematic thinking approach using Human and Organizational Performance fundamentals and techniques to achieve a high level of safety performance. A safety initiative that focuses on a systematic approach to improve and sustain safety performance derives its power from the awareness and active participation of everyone in the organization. A high performing organization is grounded on five fundamental Safety Performance Principles:

  • People make errors
  • Organizational values and programs influence behaviours
  • Behaviours are influenced by what is encouraged and reinforced
  • Errors can be reduced & risk reduced through the use of safety performance tools
  • Events can be eliminated through the use of defences

Primary learning outcomes

  1. Safety Performance is Management Sponsored and Leadership Driven
  2. Organizations with high levels of safety performance are grounded in Safety (Human) Performance Fundamentals
  3. Safety Performance Tools reduce errors and risk.