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John Westhaver

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Road Safety

John is a powerful example of never giving up. He has dedicated his life to helping others live the life they desire. At 18, John survived a fatal car crash and life-threatening burns to 75%. His road to recovery was long and extremely tough. He refused to give up though.

John started speaking about his life and the fatal car crash in 2002. He has motivated and inspired more than 700 audiences across Canada and the USA. He is the recipient of multiple awards for his work in the community regarding road safety and helping burn survivors transition through recovery. He was first awarded the Queen Elizabeth II, Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012, and in 2017 he was awarded the Coast Mental Health - Courage To Come Back Award.

Trauma Survivor – Courageous Leader – Indigenous Speaker

☑️ Courage: Find Courage When All Hope Is Missing
☑️ Adversity: Be Resilient In The Face Of Any Adversity
☑️ Responsibility: Achieve Your Desired Goals With Personal Responsibility
☑️ Safety: Driving Home The Importance Of Road Safety
☑️ Leadership: Be The Courageous Leader That Others Need You To Be

Presentation Description & Topics

Safety: Driving Home The Importance Of Road Safety

Road Safety impacts every one of us. Enrolling others in road safety is sometimes challenging. Some people don’t see the impacts or dangers of making poor, unsafe choices in vehicles. We often don’t think about the real cost of a fatal car crash on a company, community or family. Fatal car crashes don’t just have a financial cost but they have an emotional cost to those that survive and the families of the lost loved ones.

What are the behaviours that are shaping how you drive? Are your drivers overworked and rushed and not focused on the driving task? Are your drivers impaired by fatigue, distractions, alcohol or drugs? Are your drivers driving dangerously to “Get The Job Done?” What are the poor driving habits and behaviours that are putting our drivers and everyone on the roadways at risk?

John shares the impacts of being involved in a fatal vehicle crash. He shares the physical challenges of living with a damaged body caused by the fiery car crash that he survived. He also shares the emotional and psychological impacts of living with a burned damaged body but also surviving when his friends didn’t. He also talks about the importance of making good safe choices.

The intent of this presentation is to motivate others to become safer at work and on the roadways and to start to create a safer workplace culture. He empowers drivers to think about their habits and behaviours and how to change them so that they become safer drivers. Everyone wins when we are making safer choices.

This is a 45-90 mins keynote presentation.

Key Take-aways:
  1. You will see that safety is everyone’s responsibility and impacts everyone.
  2. You will see how habits and behaviours impact how we drive.
  3. You will experience what one goes through when involved in an fatal car crash.
  4. You will see the key benefits of making safe choices at work or in life.
Perfect for:

OHS Meetings and Conferences, Safety Stand Downs, Safety Meetings, Safety Managers Meetings and Conferences, Road Safety Meeting and Conferences, School Safety Assemblies and many more!

Hear what others have to say

John’s story inspires people. The way that John Westhaver delivers that story is outstanding. I know John to be a very competent public speaker. John is truly motivational. I love this guy! – Chris Harris, Trucking, Trucking Risk and Trucking Insurance

John presented to our senior school community this morning. He was eloquent, honest and, to say the least, captivating – you could hear a pin drop. – Harvey Thorau, Director of Student Life, Glenlyon Norfolk School