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Kevin Rempel

Speaker Expertise
Inspiration/Motivation, Leadership, Mental Wellness, Resiliency/Change

Kevin Rempel is a 2014 Paralympic bronze medalist in sledge hockey. After being paralyzed at the age of 23, Kevin not only learned how to walk again, but overcome the mental battle of both depression and living with a disability to rebuild his life, and eventually reach the Paralympic podium in sledge hockey. Kevin is an expert in change management, mental health, and resilience, delivering his inspirational message about adopting The Hero Mindset, where you focus on small things that make a big difference to help you too, become a hero in your own movie. In addition to corporate presentations, Kevin is also an executive coach using strategies from The Hero Mindset Blueprint to help leaders cultivate confidence, adopt healthy and predictable patterns, and accept radical responsibility in cultivating a confident and empowered mindset to drive results and embrace change.

Presentation Description & Topics

The Hero Mindset: How to Drive Results and Embrace Change

Strong individuals and organizations thrive by not placing blame on other people, their surroundings, or external circumstances. They thrive recognizing the importance to choose the right mindset as they develop resilience when facing uncertainty.

Choose to adopt The Hero Mindset.

The Hero Mindset is about focusing on small things that make a big difference to become a hero in your own movie. When we adopt The Hero Mindset, you can become a hero to yourself, to each other, to your customers, and to your community.

Today’s world accelerates change fatigue and mental energy drains from high performing teams. Reigniting passion while also maintaining a healthy work/life balance starts with recognizing what to focus on and how to take personal responsibility.

This program ideal for organizations facing challenges from a shift in the economy, organizational restructuring, launching or reinforcing strategic initiatives, and who are looking to reignite their employee’s passion towards a focused common vision.

Learning Objectives

  1. How to leverage adversity as a driving force in your future success
  2. How to unlock the mindset to drive results and embrace change
  3. A three step formula to achieve daily, lasting results
  4. Practical tools and solutions to stay mentally well during the most difficult of times

Delivery Methodology and Process

  1. Keynote (up to 60 min)
  2. Keynote + Workshop (90 min total)
  3. Workshop Series (Timing TBD)

Target Audience

This program is ideal for organizations who are seeking ways to support employees during a time of disruption, who are going through significant change, acclimatizing to a new normal, working from home, and looking to build resilience during difficult times.

For Safety’s Sake, Speak Up: How Everyday Decisions Prevent Everyday Accidents

Many field staff, front-line, and warehouse employees are used to a culture where speaking up about mental health challenges can be viewed as a weakness. However, heart-centered supervisors and managers know all too well that there needs to be a shift in mindset towards how this conversation improves workplace safety. In addition to making a culture shift, when physical and mental well-being are in jeopardy, workplace accidents tend to increase resulting in short-term and long-term disability claims. Preventable accidents can cost employers several thousands of dollars. In this session, Kevin shares his experience where an opioid prescription for back pain, in less than two weeks, translated into an addiction that no one knew about and the mental shift that helped him to turn things around.

Kevin also shares his experience in how both his freestyle motocross accident and his dad’s hunting accident that left each of them paralyzed with spinal cord injuries were preventable, and what lessons can be drawn upon to help employees recognize when to listen to their inner voice. Creating psychological safety within an organization begins with creating a safe space where employees understand that it’s ok to speak up when they are not feeling well, and especially when they see an unsafe environment that could cause an accident. Learning to trust your judgement to speak up for safety’s sake helps employers rest in confidence that all employees will return home safe to their families at the end of the day.

Learning Objectives

1. Identify cues where negative self-talk can hold you back from speaking up your truth which can prevent workplace accidents
2. Create a culture of psychological safety where speaking up about mental and physical health is welcomed and encouraged
3. Recognize everyday opportunities to turn potential disasters into true hero moments where team cohesion and trust are at the forefront of decision-making
4. Support middle and senior managers in identifying key areas for process improvement resulting in cost savings and great organizational efficiency

Delivery Methodology and Process

1. Keynote (up to 60 min)
2. Interactive Keynote / Workshop (90 min total)
3. Workshop Series (Timing TBD)

Target Audience

This program is ideal for supervisors, managers, and organizational leaders across industries who are tasked with ensuring the safety, well-being, and productivity of their teams. Attendees will gain insights and strategies that not only safeguard their teams but also contribute to the long-term success and reputation of their businesses.

Educational Materials

Kevin Rempel & Associates Inc. presentations aim to be as paper-free as possible. A .pdf copy of the presentation can be emailed to interested participants, following the engagement.

The Safety Shift: Breaking the ‘It Won’t Happen to Me’ Myth

Workplace safety is something we all know is important, but how often do we push it to the back of our minds? Thinking, “That won’t happen to me,” can be a trap. Drawing from personal tales of accidents that changed lives forever, this presentation seeks to shine a light on the real impact of overlooking safety measures. By sharing true stories of two catastrophic, life altering accidents which were both preventable and learned the hard way, Kevin challenges the common belief that accidents are things that happen to “other people.” This isn’t just about sharing cautionary tales; it’s about making a positive change to encourage every worker to think differently. Its about deepening employees buy-in to value workplace safety and instilling behaviors where that shift attitudes to, “I’ll ensure it doesn’t happen to anyone,” and ensures that outcomes. Employees will leave invigorated with a mindset shift to recalibrate and reignite the conversation with their teams to focus on the daily standards that ensure workplace safety. Supervisors and managers will also leave with tools to help support employees with their conversations to help remove resistance and encourage participation in the organization’s safety direction.

Learning Objectives

  1. Explore why we often ignore safety risks, even when we know they’re there
  2. Understand the lasting impact of accidents on individuals, families, and workplaces
  3. Learn actionable strategies to foster a culture where safety isn’t an afterthought but a priority
  4. Empower employees to take active responsibility for their surroundings, leading to fewer accidents and a healthier workplace
  5. Realize the importance of shared stories and experiences in promoting a safety-first mentality

Delivery Methodology and Process

  1. Keynote (up to 60 min)
  2. Interactive Keynote / Workshop (90 min total)
  3. Workshop Series (Timing TBD)

Target Audience

This program is ideal for supervisors, managers, and organizational leaders across industries who are tasked with ensuring the safety, well-being, and productivity of their teams. Attendees will gain insights and strategies that not only safeguard their teams but also contribute to the long-term success and reputation of their businesses.

Hear what others have to say

“As a leader, I am always searching for tools to grow personally, but also provide my staff and partners with what they need to be resilient. Kevin’s session delivered on both!” – Evan Bombino, National Sales Leader, Global Fire Detection Products

“Kevin’s presentation provided our team with excellent tools and techniques to help our employees prioritize self-care and focus on their personal and professional goals while navigating the challenging current environment. The post event response from those who attended the session was very positive!” – Alan Hollingsworth, Chief Sales Officer, Hub International

“I took a concrete step on a key work project this morning as a result of Kevin’s session. So, if you were wondering if this was impactful, it was!” – Sales Team Senior Leader, HUB International

“It went beyond my expectations. We need to continue building on this good investment!” – Team member, Pratt & Whitney Canada

“Kevin is able to treat of what seems like an overwhelming subject in a simplifying manner that makes talking about it accessible.” – Team member, Pratt & Whitney Canada

“You and your session were outstanding, and so applicable to all of us and our organization at this time!” – Peter Nicol, National Training Manager, Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services

“It is always a pleasure to hear Kevin speak. Our team benefited greatly having Kevin refresh CDIC on The Hero Mindset and provide us with actionable tools and strategies to help build our mental resilience during unprecedented times. Once again, you have hit it out of the park.” – Nancy Gour, Director, People Programs & Culture, Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation

“We first introduced Kevin and The Hero Mindset during our Leadership Team Meeting in February 2020, and then requested he return to deliver The Resilience Toolbox through live session with our Virtual Engagement Community. More than ever, during these unprecedented times, building our mental wellness is key and Kevin is just the person to drive home key principles and practices anyone can benefit from.” – Katelin Mailer, Vice President, Human Resources, Lactalis Canada Inc.

“Kevin was an outstanding motivational speaker for our team. He hit the entire team like a freight train at a personal level. I really appreciated his challenge that we can all be a hero in our own way.  Kevin spoke about mental illness issues that I think all of us face at some point in our lives. This was impactful as I think as a society we tend to shelve these discussions due to fear and unworthiness. I would highly recommend Kevin to be a part of your next event.” – Chad Lundberg, Vice President, Viking Business Unit, Baytex Energy Corp.

We have had Kevin at two of our leadership meetings and he absolutely rocked it. Straight to the heart with his key messages and high impact. Definitely worth engaging as he is an inspiration and very positive role model. – Rene Quercia, VP, Mobile Mortgage Specialists and Broker Sales, TD Bank

He is an engaging speaker with a compelling story that needs to be heard and listened to.  He is inspiring, humble and reminds us that we can beat anything life throws at us with the right attitude and a focus on doing the daily activity that will ultimately result in compound success. – Lynda Rose, General Manager, Mary Kay

“Every session there was a particular learning to take away and the discussions it generated in the group have been invaluable. Truly Inspiring! I needed this!” – Mariana B., Coaching Client

“The tools you learn help you figure out what mental resilience is and provides you with a path to achieve that.” – Alicia P., Coaching Client

“So much energy – especially on a Zoom presentation!” – Lisa Salazar, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Norton Rose Fulbright