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Linda Edgecombe

Speaker Expertise
Humor, Inspiration/Motivation, Stress Management/Wellness

As an award winning Celebrity Humorist Speaker, Trainer and Consultant. Linda’s foot print is seen and experienced around the world. Her mission is to get people fired up and ready to Shift or Get off the Pot! Her no-BS approach is refreshing, engaging and relevant. Linda’s latest book and Ted Talk “Breaking Busy – Finding Peace in the Chaos” is a game changer for those who want to step off the treadmill. Change has never been this painless! She energizes every room and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal as an expert in “Shifting Perspectives”. Linda’s messages are as welcome as a deep belly laugh and as profound as an honest look in the mirror.

Breaking Busy - Linda Edgecombe

Linda Edgecombe CSP, Hall of Fame Speaker

My mission is to get people fired up and ready and I promise to create powerful shifts, increase accountability, workplace safety while building momentum for my participants.  Not to mention having the best laugh they have had in a long time.  I believe a laugh is worth more than a thousand words and it has the power to change the way people feel, think and take action!  “A Day without laughing is a day wasted!”

Presentation Description & Topics

Pushed to the limit! – The Real Cost that Busyness is having on us Personally and Professionally

Breaking Busy – BUSY – The new Badge of Honor is costing Canadian and US Companies over $188 Billion dollars per Year in Stress/ Fatigue – Related Illnesses and Accidents. Why busyness, our new norm, is making us sick, depleting our energy and litterally causing accidents in our workplaces and our homes.

In Linda’s presentation you will learn:

1.  What got us here.

2.  What busy is doing to us. and

3.  How we can strategically step off the Busy Treadmill.

In more detail:

  1. Change, what’s really getting in the way of you moving forward? Change has never been this painless!
  2. Clutter, how we sabotage our success with terminal piles!
  3. Fatigue, What it’s costing us and tools to re-energize and re-engage.
  4. Clarity, get down to what you really want, and become more accountable (No is the new Black).
  5. Laughter, this may be the best laugh you have had in a long time.

Shift or Get off the pot! Simple truths about getting a Life

Shift Happens! So get ready to be energized.
Take your organization on an Energy Boost. Linda will lead your group through an educational, hands-on and highly humorous ride that will re-focus, re-energize and re-invent how you see your life and your work.  Get moving towards a more balance and energized work and home life today!

 The Degree of Difference, Powerful tools to Energize and Engage Your Team in Crazy times

BOOST:  Resilience, Energy and Engagement in today’s organizations

Linda will lead You and Your team through an educational, hands-on and humorous ride that will re-focus, how they see their departments, their life and work.  Learn what it means to become Change Resilient! Change has never been this painless!  And… have the best laugh you have had in a long time. Your team will be re-engaged and re-inspired and able to rise above the challenges   of each day!

Breaking Busy!  Changing Our Culture from Chaos to Calm

Increase Business Bottom lines and employee satisfaction. It’s the New Corporate Makeover

Linda will reveal her research and data collected from dozens of organizations on how Chaos and “Busy” has become the new norm and wound us into the most unproductive and basically unhappy demographic in the past 30 years.  Her No BS and very humorous approach, stacked up with relevant and easy solutions will get your organization and teams,  back on track with clear vision and tools to take back their work day and their personal lives again.

Hear what others have to say

“Linda’s style and humor quickly warms even the toughest of crowds. Her ability to meet
people where they are at is a gift. She has a knack for bringing into focus what is really
important in life and how a simple shift in perspective can change ones life. We highly
recommend her for your next safety meeting.
Corrections Canada

“Linda’s presentation was a resounding success. I have had nothing but positive feedback and
have already had employees ask us to bring her back next year”
Skagit County Public Utility