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Lisa Lounsbury

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Health & Wellness, Inspiration/Motivation, Mental Wellness

Lisa has been educating and entertaining audiences, conference delegates and clients on the topics of Health and Wellness for over 28 years. As an expert in mental health, wellness and fitness, Lisa has been focussed on inspiring and motivating individuals to Make Wellness a Priority™ and to Bring Health to Health and Safety™.

As a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator Lisa speaks to groups in the Health and Safety Industry, Education Sectors, Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments, Social Services, Human Resources, Financial, Mining Groups and many others. Lisa is the President and Founder of New Day Wellness Inc.™ and the New Day Wellness Academy™, a Motivational Speaker, TV Host of Your Wellness on Eastlink TV, a Corporate Mental Health and Wellness Trainer, International Fitness Specialist and Competitive Tap Dancer. Over the years Lisa has also appeared on a variety of radio talk shows, commercials and news interviews. She's addressed members of Non-Profit Organizations, National Speakers Groups and Professional Associations and always leaves her audiences motivated and energized. Being an engaging, entertaining and inspiring speaker as a mental health and wellness expert is what Lisa delivers with every Keynote, Workshop, Retreat, Interview, and TV Episode.

Presentation Description & Topics


We are losing our minds and it’s due to Digital Dementia. It’s a term founded by German neuroscientist Manfred Spitzer to describe how overuse of digital technology is resulting in the breakdown of cognitive abilities. Not only are we losing our ability to communicate, remember important facts but’s it’s contributing to the global crisis of mental illness. The good news is that Digital Dementia can be prevented and even reversed, if taken seriously. Lisa will engage you with her story-telling abilities, demonstrate to you what is happening in society today and motivate you to take action immediately.


“Those who think they don’t have time for wellness will sooner or later have to find time for illness” ~ Edward Stanley

It’s with the words of Edward Stanley that the audience will remember and become inspired to Make Wellness A Priority. Lisa will take you through an engaging journey of what life can be like if you don’t take the time now for your health as opposed to how it can be if you do. She will also uncover all the excuses that are being used and show you how you can bust them all! Be prepared to be pumped up and motivated as you experience this inspiring presentation. Warning – there may be laughter, movement, and emotions revealed.


As a daughter of an immigrant worker in the mining industry Lisa has a strong connection with the effects of workplace hazards and how they impact the lives of workers and their families. In addition to environmental hazards in the workplace, workers can struggle with mental and physical challenges; and these challenges like workplace fatigue, bring an element of risk to the workplace.

The audience will be emotionally and physically involved in this presentation and be empowered to implement necessary changes personally and professionally to enjoy the benefits of better sleep and avoid the dangers of worker fatigue.


Mental Illness is currently a leading cause of disability globally. The workplace relies on healthy minded individuals, hence why improving the overall mental health of your employees is so important. Not everyone is comfortable talking about mental illness or completely understands it. The stigma of mental illness continues to plague society ad it’s time to break down barriers and talking more about it. Using recent stories of people suffering and research Lisa has uncovered, she will highlight the signs and symptoms of common mental illnesses and demonstrate how anyone can make an immediate difference to those suffering.



A retrospective look into what it really means to be “safe” on the job. Most health and safety policies and procedures are leaving out a key component which is the “mental health and wellness” of the employee. Lisa will demonstrate what a ‘fully-protective’ PPE looks like and what part of your protective equipment offers the best defence against a critical injury. Be prepared to be shocked, inspired, motivated and educated on the necessary future of Health and Safety.


Have you ever failed? It’s from these failures that we experience growth and resiliency. Resiliency is the ability to bounce back after an event that resulted in a negative experience.

The concept of “Fail Fast & Pivot” and it’s direct link to Resiliency will be explained through real-life stories and unusual situations. The concept of Resiliency Engineering will also be uncovered along with the the strategies on how to learn from failures with resilience and a mindful approach. The only Failure there is, is Failing to Learn, Lance Miller

Hear what others have to say

I was captivated by Lisa Lounsbury at the Nebraska Great Plains Safety Conference as she took us on a journey looking inwards to ourselves and our organizations.  She not only captured our attention with her stories, activities and humor, we walked away with meaningful and actionable items that we could apply to increase our wellness and safety.” – Eldeen Pozniak

“Lisa is very much at ease in front of a group of any size, she is an excellent presenter and engages her audience well. She is personable, friendly, empathetic, a confidant, a good communicator, and an excellent listener. She’s also great at getting an audience on their feet!” D. Nicholson – CEO – Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce

“I would like to extend a sincere thank you for presenting at our conference. Your passion for bringing ‘health’ to health and safety was evident in your presentation on workplace fatigue. Conference attendees enjoyed your hands-on approach to education as they got out of their seats to join in the dancing and laughter. We are pleased to share that the conference has received very positive feedback. We recommend you for any event that wishes to educate and empower audiences on the subject of health at work. ” C. Belanger-Michaud, Ret. President of Workplace Safety North

“I have seen Lisa Lounsbury work with challenging groups. She had them laughing, engaged, and most important: learning. She is passionate about safety, health & wellness and it shows in everything she does.” P. Hulschilt, Professional Speaker

“Lisa Lounsbury is a very dynamic and energetic person, who consistently delivers high quality workshops at our annual conferences. Her sessions are always “standing room” only, and every person who attends her talks always makes a point of telling me how excellent she was! She is very professional and knowledgeable, with an excellent work ethic. It is always a pleasure to work with Lisa, and I would highly recommend her!” S. Buscarini, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services

“Lisa always has a powerful message and is able to deliver it in an engaging and entertaining manner. I’ve often watched her lead the show at conferences and events and she has a contagious energy that allows her to influence and motivate her audience every time.” S. Tomchik, President & CEO of Plan A Health Care Staffing