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Meg Soper

Speaker Expertise
Stress Management/Wellness

Safety…is NOWHERE OR NOW HERE…it just depends on your perspective. Meg is an expert on the subject of striking balance within our hectic lives. Over the past two decades Meg has worked as a health professional, become one of Canada’s foremost stand-up comediennes, and raised a family. She has taken the life lessons learned while traveling this unique path to become an incredible motivator and life balance coach. Meg blends her unique insights with unforgettable humour to help people develop practical strategies for work and life. Creating a safe workplace environment is up to us. As we take a leadership role in our life we are better able to ensure our workplace is safe and accidents are eliminated.

How we get through our day depends not only on our perspective and what we choose to focus on but also on how we affect the people around us.  How we deal with distractions and changing technology is one of the many challenges that we face in a busy workplace environment.