Michael Hingson

Speaker Expertise

In a world where trust seems to be under attack from all quarters and were real teamwork does not appear to be the norm Michael Hingson’s existence and life relies on both just to survive. Mr. Hingson, who happens to be blind, uses a guide dog who “he trusts with his life every day and who puts her life in his hands in return”. He is an expert on Trust and Teamwork not only because of the bonds that he has built with seven guide dogs over 48 years, but also because he has had to create teams with humans to accomplish tasks that made him and them successful. Michael shares lessons with his audiences on teambuilding skills through being open to trust and creating a desire on the part of all people involved to get the job done.

Throughout his adult life Michael Hingson has worked in sales, sales management and upper management positions where he has worked for more than 35 years with teams of all kinds and sizes. He knows the qualities that any good team possesses and he knows how to turn ineffective teams into great working organizations no matter the size. When you bring Mike to speak at your event your audience will depart having a deeper understanding of the value of good teamwork. They will learn the lessons that Michael Hingson has to offer which they can use to improve their skills as team members and team builders. Mike will show them how they can help to change the growing tide of distrust in the world and how they can be more open to trust in their daily lives. As Mike says in his talk on teamwork, “while we cannot be expected to blindly trust when it comes to being a part of a team we can at least learn to be open to the possibility of trust and to use that openness not only to earn but except trust when the desire exists on both sides”.

Your attendees will not only want to hear what Mike Hingson has to say but they will want to ask many questions and keep the dialogue going with him. When you book Mike will be hiring a speaker who is willing to work for you and spend whatever time is necessary to help you make your event as meaningful as it can be. Without additional charge he will be willing to conduct workshops or spend extra time after speaking talking with members of the audience. Michael Hingson will create a memorable and exciting time people will wish could last longer than the time available.