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Spencer Beach

Speaker Expertise
Injured in the Workplace

Spencer Beach has learned that sometimes tragedy chooses you for no reason at all. On a day like any other, just doing his job, he found himself suddenly engulfed in a flash fire. He received third and fourth degree burns to 90% of his body. Incorporating the conference's theme, Spencer uses his own experiences to set a high standard for the rest of the event. His customized presentations are fun, attention grabbing, memorable and impactful.

Presentation Description & Topics

WORKFORCE – Get It Done Safely

“Get it Done Safely” has a profound effect on everyone who experiences it! I use the story of my injury to show how I could have embraced safety and prevented my incident’s harmful effects on my family and friends. I show the audience how they could suffer the same kind of pain, suffering, loss and disabling effects from simple mistakes, and how easily it is to avoid such hardship by embracing safety. “Get it Done Safely” is finely tailored to improve the use, understanding and importance of any organization’s safety system, the safety culture at work and the individual’s role in safety at home. This presentation will have an immediate and lasting impact on all levels of your organization.

Goals and Benefits

  • To reduce workplace incidents
  • To show the company’s commitment to its workers’ safety
  • To improve the workers’ use and ownership of the safety system
  • To bring the company’s safety culture to the next level
  • To remind workers what they have to protect through working safely
  • To increase communication in meetings and onsite
  • To improve hazard identification and use of pre-job forms
  • To improve the use and identification of  PPE
  • To increase teamwork towards achieving zero incidents
  • To improve the company’s leadership through safety systems
  • To reduce substandard work occurrences


This presentation is designed to help top and middle management understand their role in the safety system. In this presentation, I travel through history showing real life examples of what happens when safety isn’t prioritized. When leaders don’t embrace safety, the people who end up leading cultural change are the widows and widowers, family and friends – the loved ones left behind.

Goals and Benefits

  • To reduce workplace incidents
  • To show why instilling safety awareness is a challenge
  • To show the importance of recognizing safety awareness at the management level
  • To show the importance of recognizing safety awareness at the worker level
  • To establish techniques in communicating safety with the language of the worker
  • To reinforce the company’s safety culture