Ted Schick

Speaker Expertise
Change Management, Communication, Generations in the Workplace, Health & Wellness, Leadership

Ted is a professional speaker, corporate trainer and consultant with his own business of 12 years, Schick Corporate Learning. A retired naval officer who rose up from the enlisted ranks, Ted has over 30 years experience leading people. With over 26 years in teaching, Ted holds a BA Business from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, received a teaching certificate from Bemidji State University, and a Master of Education from the University of Minnesota, Duluth. Ted has been active in his community with Spirit Mountain Ski Patrol, local animal humane societies including Animal Allies and Friends of Animals and has served as a mentor for Mentor Duluth. In his “spare” time, he has been a stand-up comedian, teaches Fit Camp fitness classes, served as a personal fitness coach and is a seasoned triathlete.

Presentation Description & Topics

Where Leadership Goes, Safety Follows

Leadership. Safety. You really can’t have one without the other. They go hand-in-hand. And it starts with us leaders— in our words, our actions and our behaviors. From our professional relationships with our frontline employees to leading our teams. In this presentation, we examine the role and impact of the frontline leader, communication consistency as well as accountability for ourselves and those we lead. When we lead every day, thinking of others–first, we keep our people safe. That’s our job because where leadership goes, safety follows.

The 10 Commandments of Safety Communication

It’s fundamental that if we want to be safe, we need to communicate. Getting the safety message out and heard and followed is just as complicated as it appears. In this presentation, we examine the critical role of communication as it applies to keeping our people safe. From speaking up if we see something to keeping people informed to being accessible and visible to reinforcing the behaviors we want to see— what we say and how we say it is a practiced skill of the leader of safety. Listen up! It’s starts here.

Hear what others have to say

Ted was great to work with throughout the meeting prep process and was a phenomenal speaker. Ted spoke to our group on two days. The first day was on promoting workplace safety through leadership. Ted delivered a great message and kept our group engaged through his stories, jokes, and positive attitude. On the second day, he delivered a message tailored to a book our group read. The material was outside the scope of Ted’s normal topics, but he dove in head first and helped us drive home the key themes. He really went above and beyond with his prep. I can’t recommend Ted enough. He’s a solid guy that is great to work with and he is a very dynamic speaker. – Tyler K. Lowe, Manager, Community & Government Relations, Vulcan Materials Company

Ted Schick presented “The Privilege of Leading” to our 2020 DECC VISION Manager’s Meeting on January 28, 2020. Ted started off as our first speaker of the day. He quickly awakened and warmed up our diverse group of leaders. He’d done his homework and knew our group. With stories, humor and interactive exercises he helped us take a good look at our Leadership styles. He shared strategies on the building blocks of high performing teams, how to improve success and how to navigate difficult conversations. My personal aha take-away was the simple realization of what we don’t condemn we condone in our workplace. He was appreciated by our team and survey comments said they left inspired and with practical actions to implement. Ted is smart, high energy, witty and a pleasure to work with. – Sue Ellen Moore, Director of Sales, Duluth Entertainment Convention Center