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Tim Gard

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Corporate Entertainer, Humor, Stress Management/Wellness

Creating successful, productive happy people one laugh at a time. Energize, unite and inspire your attendees with a Hall of Fame tears-in-your-eyes-laugh-out-loud keynote speaker who teaches how to be more resilient and inspires employee enthusiasm and creativity. Talented, Innovative and Memorable, TIM provides amazing take-home value delivered with his one-of-a-kind presentation style. Becoming more resilient is not about telling jokes or laughing at everything. Instead of making light of serious issues, Tim shines a light on unseen possibilities for solutions to difficult situations. He demonstrates how to be professional, yet light-hearted throughout all his programs.

Tim is an internationally recognized authority on stress reduction and conflict resolution, and his easy-to-implement techniques provide ways to diffuse, deal with, and even avoid intensely stressful encounters. Tim “walks his talk” as a successful business owner himself for more than 20 years. Before starting his business, he worked in the Sales Industry, as well as State and Federal Government in Human Services, as a fraud investigator and is a navy veteran.. Recognized as a pioneer in humor based training, Tim’s down-to-earth style and real-life humor leaves a lasting impression that you will benefit from for years to come. His skillful use of ordinary items in extraordinary ways and extraordinary items in everyday ways make him one of the most popular main stage speakers on the platform today Tim is a certified speaking professional (CSP) & a member of the Speaker Hall Of Fame, an elite honor held by fewer than 150 speakers worldwide. The author or co-author of Just Plane Funny, My Policy Manual, Motivational Leaders he also is an inventor of stress reduction office products that are marketed and enjoyed worldwide . In his 23-year career as a professional speaker, Hall of Fame Speaker Tim Gard has spoken worldwide at more than 2000 events. Audiences from Texas to Tasmania and everywhere in between love him and so will you.

Presentation Description & Topics

Laughter Becomes You

If employee motivation and happiness is important to you then it’s time to meet Tim Gard. Tim’s Laughter Becomes You keynote is as funny as it is inspiring and content rich. Audiences laugh from start to finish and discover how simple it is to change their perception to create their own reality and avoid or defuse potential stressors.

Tim’s rejuvenating message helps increase employee morale and engagement while enhancing productivity and everyday enthusiasm in three easy-to-adopt steps. His unique yet practical ideas help people diffuse routine or extreme stress by insulating themselves against negativity. He shows audiences how to “refresh and renew” themselves simply by using and sharing his techniques. His terrifically funny, unique stories (and of course, extraordinary visual props) make this keynote address a hilarious way to start or close your meeting. Tim’s daily dedication to his craft not just produces an amazing amount of topical humor, but it challenges him to consistently refine his programs and inspire creativity. Naturally Tim’s ability to improvise is top level as he’s demonstrated for more than 20 years. Having a Comic Vision® is the ability to harness humor and use it as a skill to see the stressors all around us in a different manner whenever possible. It is often choosing to act – and not react – to the situational stress we encounter every day at work, and at home. Stress exists all around us. If you understand what stress is and know what causes you stress, then you can work to lessen the situational stress factors in your life. Identify the things that cause you stress, approaching and working on them one at a time. Then, find the funny…..and repeat. Tim doesn’t make light of your serious situations, but rather, shines a light on them to reveal previously unseen possibilities. The pressure to accomplish more with less, meet tight deliverable deadline expectations and respond with professional promptness can create stress, team dysfunction and decreased morale. The philosophy of “everything seems so serious, heavy and intense” is an unproductive one, and a truly unhealthy way to work and live. When stress and dysfunction need reduction, it’s time to discover how “Laughter Becomes You”. This is Tim’s most popular program and this 45 min to 3 hour Keynote speech is as funny as it is inspiring and practical. As Tim says, “Laughter Becomes You”.

A Simple Kindness

Few people would admit to being unkind and it’s difficult to find even one business that bases its success on being unkind yet few businesses today actively have a kindness policy or Kindness Plan even though it’s a proven fact that unkindness is unprofitable and so kindness must be profitable Unkindness is unprofitable. Few will ever forget the man being dragged off the United Flight because the airline had overbooked the plane. United had a policy of how to deal with overbookings and employees followed it with disastrous results. It’s estimated that one overbooked seat cost United over 800 million dollars. In hindsight United could have given him a million dollars for his seat and still be ahead. They didn’t have a plan and it cost them dearly.

Kindness is also profitable. United is my airline of choice for exactly the opposite reason. 20 years ago, a United employee shared a simple kindness with me and that one kindness has resulted in me flying over 2.5 million miles on United spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of flights. A Simple Kindness policy helps eliminate massive losses and allows for equally massive windfalls. The days of one dissatisfied customer telling 10 other people is long gone. Today one angry customer can tell millions overnight and the results can be catastrophic. Dismissing this as an occasional problem is a big mistake.

Todays businesses need to create Kindness Plans and the people in business need to establish their own kindness plan too. The ability to connect with others can make or break your career. That connection is fueled by kindness and the thread that ties it all together is laughter. Meet Hall of Fame Speaker Tim Gard who will show you the benefits of kindness and laughter as a competitive business advantage and how even simple acts of kindness can become amazing marketing advantages with some planning and training. Tim has traveled over 4 million miles in his 24 year speaking career on planes, trains and automobiles encountering the best and worst of customer service. His latest seminar “A Simple Kindness” humorously explores your kindness options and provides techniques to build a kindness plan for both businesses and their employees.

Tim explores with the audience how key historical figures would use kindness to solve today’s business problem as well as the kindness and unkindness he has experienced in his own journey. While researching this program Tim discovered that most employees who weren’t seemly kind did so because they didn’t know how to show kindness on the job. Others blindly followed policy regardless of how that policy impacted on customers for a variety of reasons. Correcting this problem isn’t difficult but it does require a commitment to kindness and excellence. Are you ready