Todd Conklin, Ph.D

Speaker Expertise
Behavior, Humor, Leadership, Mental Wellness, Risk Management, Team Building, Violence in the Workplace

Dr. Todd Conklin is an internationally recognized expert in Organizational Culture and Behavior and Human Performance. Working with organizations that perform high-risk, high-consequence activities in ensuring that the interface between the organization's work control systems and the organization's workers are crafted in such a way as to create system influences and expected performances and to prevent unexpected events. If prevention efforts fail, lead and assist in failure investigation and learning for organizations that have had some level of high-consequence operational event. The outcome of these investigation and organizational learning activities is to create and facilitate learning change planning, and programming for improved, resilient performance for the future.

Dr. Todd Conklin is a Senior Advisor to the Associate Director, emphasis in Organizational Development and Human Reliability, at Los Alamos National Laboratory where he has served in the Human Resource and Reliability Management and Training arena for the last 15 years. His book : WAYS TO REVITALIZE: SIMPLE REVOLUTIONARY ACTS AND YOUR WORKPLACE helps one, in a fun way, become a positive deviant in the workplace. His most recent book, PRE-ACCIDENT INVESTIGATIONS, provides an introduction to organizational safety.

National Public Radio has hosted him as a guest on “All Things Considered” and “Morning Edition.” Dr. Conklin speaks on Workplace Humor and Friendships; Workplace Violence; High-risk Conflict Organizational Development; and Training for Recognizing Unusual Behavior in the Workplace. This expertise results in a broad spectrum of courses which include Appreciative Inquiry; Organizational Development, Conflict Management and Team Building; Hostage Negotiation 101 and training for Recognizing Unusual Behavior in the Workplace; and Violence in the Workplace. The Appreciative Inquiry model helps groups of people make decisions based upon the past success of the individual members to build lightning fast consensus from groups that often are unable to have agreement around difficult issues. Conflict Management and Team Building is for facilitated sessions to help teams realize a more full potential, create a more positive sociological environment, solve problems, plan ahead, and create new understandings or definitions of scope, schedule, and cost. Hostage Negotiation 101 training teaches the ins and outs of successful negotiation with a hostage taker and is highly specialized for law enforcement and security corporate personnel.

Recent presentations include ideas on how to make changes in companies from what is considered the traditional views of safety concerns, which are becoming outdated and ineffective, to the new Human Performance Safety Theory. This theory invites administration, management and workers to come together to look at systems that lead to accidents and make changes before the accidents occur.

Dr. Conklin has his BA in Communication, Southwestern College, Kansas, an MA in Interpersonal Communication, Fort Hays State University, and a Ph.D in Organizational Communication, University of New Mexico. He currently has his residence and office in Santa Fe, New Mexico and travels worldwide doing consulting and training in organizational development and Human Performance Safety.

Presentation Description & Topics

Preventing Human Errors: What’s Stopping Us?

When accidents occur, they are attributed to human failure, the belief that the processes or systems are fundamentally safe except for the people using them. Therefore, if the human element is eliminated, there won’t be any accidents. This kind of thinking gets you nowhere. It’s time for us to rethink safety. The place to start is by examining the cause of a mishap and recognizing the role our physiology plays in our actions. If we can get a better understanding of that phenomenon, we can move toward interventions that work to reduce workplace accidents. Dr. Conklin provides you with an entertaining and practical look at what is behind human performance and why we need to change our perception of human error before we can change safety.

Workplace Humor and Friendship

This presentation provides an interesting look at some of the “upstream’ skills that must exist in your workplace. A behaviorist views humor and friendship differently than most people who observe work, he looks not at the reasons why these things exist, but more importantly at the existence of humor and friendships.

Appreciative Inquiry (AI)

This process is perhaps the best method to use with groups of people to make decisions. The more difficult the problem or technical the potential solution is…the more effective the Appreciative Inquiry model is at getting groups of people to make decisions based upon the past success of the individual members. AI builds lightning fast consensus from groups that often are unable to have agreement around difficult issues. Conklin has used the AI model hundreds of times with many different types of groups and different types of problems.

Organizational Development, Conflict Management and Team Building

These facilitated sessions help teams realize a more full potential, create a more positive sociological environment, solve problems, plan ahead, and create new understandings or definitions of scope, schedule, and cost.

Hostage Negotiation 101

This training week teaches the ins and outs of successful negotiation with a hostage taker. This training is highly specialized and taught to law enforcement, and security corporate personnel.

Training for Recognizing Unusual Behaviour in the Workplace

This presentation works with employees and supervisors in understanding and recognizing unusual behaviour in the work environment. Special emphasis is placed on substance abuse, stress-related behaviour and understanding the disillusioned, dis-affected and the disgruntled employee. This class is a positive and high degree confidence approach to maintaining work place safety and security. The presentation is three hours minimum and is considered very positive and thought provoking.

Violence in the Workplace

This four-hour block of instruction is offered to employees and employers who are concerned about the potential for violent behaviour in the workplace. The course recognizes types of violent behaviours most present in today’s workforce and some characteristics of a potentially violent worker or visitor to your work place.