Trending Speech Topics

Below is a list of popular topics often chosen by major corporations. Check them out for some inspiration for your next event.

Don’t Count on Second Chances – Can too Much Experience be a Bad Thing? Complacency on flight 959

By crash survivor Mercedes Ramirez Johnson

What is up with this B.S. – Being Safe!

From B.S. to Best Practice – Making Sure Shift Happens?

How to get thru a day’s work,… and have something left over to play with!

Making Safety Stick – Communicating so People Listen & are Motivated.

Navigating your Epic Grand Adventure of Life.

By Eldeen Pozniak

Creating a Safety Culture Based on Transparency- Learning by Near Misses

By Shawn Stratton

Stressed to Kill

By Sylvia Marusyk

Guarding Against the Normalization of Deviance 

By Astronaut Richard “Mike” Mullane

How to Talk to Young Workers about Health and Safety 

Safety Leadership 101:  How to Find the Safety Leader Within

Risk Communication in a High-Tech World

By Glyn Jones, M.A.Sc, P.Eng, CIH, CRSP

Dealing with Difficult People/Constructive Conflict Management

Workplace Violence : Prediction and Prevention

By Gary McDougal

Safety Self-Awareness: A New Key to Predicting Human Error and Saving Lives

By Greg Ford

Failing Less is NOT a Safety Strategy

Zero Incident Goals Create Risk-Taking Cultures: Learn to Measure What Matters

By Shawn Galloway

It’s Not Just About Me

By Tony Crow